The first and fastest energy intelligence platform offering energy efficiency solutions and comprehensive energy audits & advisories.

GAED drives greater sustainability and economic efficiency in energy consumption. And with 20 years’ worth of industrial expertise in the energy supply business under our belt, we lead you towards an ecosystem that provides all the solutions you need for greater energy efficiency in one marketplace.

GAED offering energy efficiency solutions and comprehensive energy audits & advisories through a mobile applications

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A Whole New Level of Energy Advisory

GAED is a company that provides energy audit and advisory through its energy efficiency intelligence platform, the GAEDKeeper.

GAED's Blockchain Technology provides accurate, unbiased analysis based on the power generation data input by clients, making data collection auditable and transparent. With GAEDKeeper, we are supported by an intelligence platform providing an application program which utilises advanced data analytics framework for energy efficiency in buildings. 

GAED Holds the Solution

Learn more about GAEDKeeper plans to start up your energy-saving journey today!


Upgrades identified by GAEDKeeper Lite in a home assessment can cut 5% to 30% off of your monthly energy bill.


Level 1 assessment is the most basic assessment, designed to give businesses a starting point for making changes or in-depth assessment.


A Level 2 assessment includes all of the basic plan features.

GAED Staff providing Energy Audit & Advisory

Our Services

We are the end of costly and complex processes

GAED makes sure that our services are set out to significantly make a change in energy consumption by:

  • Reducing
    Energy Wastage
  • Reducing
    Utility Costs
  • Establishing A One-stop Service Marketplace


Energy Audit

We oversee your current energy use habits, find areas for change, and offer recommendations based on your activities to help you save money and power at various assessments.

Equipment Technology

As seasoned experts in the industry, we are regularly updated with business tools and give our customers seamless, energy-saving equipment and development solutions.

Energy Retailer

We will help you to select the energy retailer that best suits your needs.

Client Testimonials

Muslimin Trust Fund Association

The team from GAED did an analysis of our Darul Ihsan building. They obtained the data from our personnel and provide a report of the losses and savings expected. They then lead the implementation of the renewable energy solutions to help us reduce our monthly cost of operation

Muslimin Trust Fund Association
Muslimin Trust Fund Association