Central Repository System

  • Database is any collection of electronic records that can be processed to produce useful information.
  • The data can be accessed, modified, managed, controlled and organized to perform various data-processing operations including Energy Audit.
  • Central Data Repository Systems (CDRS) refer to the technology solution used to optimize and manage the storage and retrieval of data from databases. CDRS offers a systematic approach to manage databases via an interface for users as well as workloads accessing the databases via apps.

Data Repository System with Mobile Apps

  • Key components of CDRS are software, data, procedures, database languages, database manager, database engine, and reporting
  • Benefits of CDRS:
    • Data Security
    • Data Sharing
    • Data Access and Auditing
    • Data Integration
    • Uniform Management & Administration
  • CDRS can solve the fundamental problems associated with storing, managing, accessing, securing, and auditing data in traditional file systems


Customer Details
Site Details
Equipment Inventory
Asset Tagging


Multi-technician Jobs
Job Types


Equipment & Materials
Building Operation
Energy Management


Data Monitoring & Management
Notification & Alert

GAED Facility
Management System

GAEDKeeper is an enterprise-grade product built to automate mobile forms, workflows and reporting needs of an organization.

GAEDKeeper platform is created with an adaptive technology which means it adapts to your business instead of expecting business to change processes to suit the software application.

GAEDKeeper helps organizations of all sizes achieve enterprise mobility in record time and lower costs.

GAEDKeeper is a fast growing, cloud-based facility management mobile application platform company.

GAEDKeeper’s differentiation comes from the fact that it focuses the most on field mobile applications, with exceptional user experience and design, empowering organizations to exploit the mobile revolution.

GAEDKeeper gives enterprises the efficiency and agility to provide great customer service and keep their customers happy.

Available Modules

  • Work Order

    Manage your preventive and corrective work orders using mobile appl. Assign work orders, notify the team. Axonator lets you act fast and track the performance of the team.

  • Asset

    Track asset location and condition regularly to make sure they are performing optimally and perform preventive maintenance to increase the life of assets.

  • Inspections And

    Conduct inspections, assign it to the supervisors for the approvals and on approval, notify the technician or respective team immedietly.

  • Energy

    With regular meter reading and generating monthly reports you can optimize the energy consumption and manage energy bills.

  • Soft & Hard
    Services Forms

    Replace all your soft and hard services paper and spreadsheet forms by mobile apps. We customize the forms which match your needs.

  • Inventory

    Manage your inventory using Axonator. Receive the alerts & notifications on material consumption, check and maintain stock of supplies and keep your stock up to date.

  • Site Operation

    Switch to high performance mobile app to conduct all your site operations and automate the entire manual process

  • Checklists
    And Forms

    Automate daily operations by bringing all your checklists and forms on to mobile app.