Get Detailed Commercial Building Assessment with 3 months validity where 3 Commercial Properties can be assessed

  • Blockchain Technology ensures that the data received and reports generated are traceable, auditable, transparent, and consistent.
  • List of Available Electricity Retailer & Plans can be viewed
  • Get recommendation for the cheapest Electricity Retailer (For Singapore Users only)
  • Electricity consumption pattern with graphs
  • Get calculated Chiller Efficiency & Performance Analysis
  • Assess 11 types of Building Equipments
  • Get Solar Sizing, Costing, Savings generated with Financial Analysis
  • Various ECMs are recommended based on the Home Appliance data
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology based Energy Saving Solutions
  • Detailed Financial Analysis of the Solutions proposed with costing & feasibility Analysis
  • Energy Assessment Report of the Property generated in pdf format can be viewed or downloaded
  • Property can be assessed periodically to monitor the performance in different months, seasons, occupancy etc.
  • Site visit to collect the building information & measure the equipment parameters to predict exact savings that can be realised by implementing ECMs.
  • Reputed International Technology partners will work with us to Implement the Solutions (CAPEX or Leasing) Proposed
  • Post monitoring of the Solution implemented to analyse the savings achieved.

Gain efficiency of capital, competitive advantage, bottom line improvement that comes with effective operations

Pricing depends on building size
For a more accurate estimate please give us a call

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We are the end of costly and complex processes

Energy Efficiency Advisory Services

GAED’s energy advisory service uses a sophisticated investigation program for energy assessment in order to identify how and where losses are occurring. We advise and suggest appropriate economically viable engineering solutions to enhance energy efficiency, giving way for better oversight in consumption.

GAED makes sure that our services are set out to significantly make a change in energy consumption by:

  • Reducing
    Energy Wastage

    Reduce the pollution emitted from non-renewable sources of energy.

  • Establishing A
    One-stop Service Marketplace

    Using AI and Blockchain Technology, we are your one-stop solution for power generation system integration, renewable energy solutions, and energy advisories.

  • Reducing
    Utility Costs

    Reducing energy use in your home saves you money and increases energy security.

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