With our vision to be your chosen and trusted global energy solutions provider, we have partnered with companies that share the same values and goals for a better energy management system in Singapore. Energy Management System, as defined by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is a framework for energy consumers, including industrial, commercial and public sector organizations, to manage their energy use.

Our Partners in Energy Management

LYS Energy Group

LYS Energy Group is the leading Singapore home-grown Solar Independent Power Producer that builds, owns, and operates Solar PV Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Public sites in the Asia Pacific region. The company provides Asia’s trusted Renewable Energy platform offering hassle-free end-to-end clean energy solutions for businesses: from zero-capex solar energy (PPA), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), turnkey Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services, to carbon emissions and energy management consulting. Without expending any resources, our customers can benefit from installing solar PV systems on their unused rooftops and site spaces, lower and predictable utility costs and strengthen their sustainability branding. Since its incorporation, LYS has deployed over 50MWp of high-performance solar PV systems, with a pipeline of over 500MWp in Singapore and across the region in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines.” -- Should you need shorter boilerplate please let me know.

iCEE International Sdn Bhd

Specialises in energy savings specifically at the Chiller Plant level. Unlike many other energy saving devices and services, iCEE uses a direct interface to the chiller using the manufacturer’s own interface card, and thereafter automatically monitor, manage, schedule and optimise chiller operational efficiency.

At the heart of our system is an intelligent algorithm that analyses data from all the sensors installed at strategic locations of the building to determine the optimum performance needed for chiller efficiency, without compromising occupant thermal comfort. In fact, our system actually ensures it.


Icopower have many years of experience and a deep knowledge in the design and installation of electrical infrastructures and their cost analysis.

Thanks to this experience today, Icopower is capable of proving a proprietary and patented process for energy-saving that is unique in the market.

Our systems are internally produced and all its components are tested for the most severe industrial environments and high reliability.

Predictive HVAC-R Control Software for Smarter Buildings & Factories

BeeBryte has developed an AI-based energy optimization software that predictively drives existing cooling and refrigeration systems (without any equipment replacement) to generate up to 40 % savings. Today, HVAC-R equipment operates under the control of automation systems or a building management system (BMS) which have a fixed operation and can only react to the external & internal environment according to programmed logic.

BeeBryte offers an additional layer of intelligence that makes your system predictive and adaptive, unlike traditional reactive regulation. In addition, we improve the operational safety and reliability of the installations (early detection of operating anomalies and drop in performance). Our solution also reinforces the temperature uniformity in the different zones and guarantees compliance with prescribed constraints, such as humidity & air quality, and comfort.