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Energy Consumption & Efficiency Solutions


A Level 2 includes all of the basic plan features and in-depth assessment.

    • Recommend & prioritize Energy Conservation Methods
    • Carbon Emissions Reporting

Gain efficiency of capital, competitive advantage, bottom line improvement that comes with effective operations

  • Pricing depends on building size*
  • For a more accurate estimate please give us a call**
SGD 4,000.00

The GAED Way: Self-Assessment

Access the GAED Platform by means of self-assessment for easier processing and instantaneous results!

  • Upload the data needed to begin assessment.
  • Generate assessment reports supplied with practices that help you meet the requirements of the report.
  • Analyse the total electrical energy consumption or generation.
  • Get recommendations on equipment and receive financial analysis to implement specific energy-efficient measures.

Process Breakdown

  • Energy Efficiency Assessor

    Assessment Preparation:
    1. Send L1 data collection form
    2. Educate client on the minimum data collection requirement
  • Data Collection From Equipment

    From every data source:
    1. Advance meter systems
    2. Manually read meters
    3. Utility interval data
    4. Utility billing data
  • Data Review and Analysis

    1. Data upload
    2. Analysis
    3. Data Summary
    4. Presentation of statistical significance
  • Report Development

    The generated report will:
    1. Define data reliability as “sufficiently reliable data”
    2. Compare the report to information or data external to the system